About US


Dobi's is a fast-casual teriyaki shop that brings the authentic flavor and taste of “Seattle style” teriyaki to the big sky state. Located in the heart of downtown Missoula, Dobi’s is the one and only place to go for all your yaki cravings.

Owner and Seattle native Bret Ferris started Dobi's Teriyaki in 2014 after him and a friend converted a shuttle bus into a food truck to make some extra cash on the weekends. Soon it became clear Dobi’s was filling a much needed void in Missoula with something that had not been available to them previously, REAL TERIYAKI.

After two seasons of running only on the weekends, Ferris decided it was time to transition Dobi’s into a full time operation. So in 2016, he sold the shuttle bus, bought a step van and converted it into the bigger and better RICEBOX 2.0 (pictured).

Fast forward to 2019 and it was time again for Dobi’s to make some more big moves. During a chance run-in on a Sunday evening Costco run, Ferris' was presented with the opportunity to move Dobi’s inside the iconic Stockman’s Bar in downtown Missoula. A few months later and after a bittersweet goodbye to our beloved food truck, we opened the doors at our first physical, year-round location.

We’re beyond excited to see what the future has in store for us, and look forward to continuing to provide you all with the best teriyaki Montana has to offer.

Cheers and as always, #HaveARiceDay