Dobi's is a mobile food truck that brings the flavor and taste of "take out-style" teriyaki, made famous in the Pacific Northwest, to the people of Missoula, MT.

Owner/Operator and Seattle native Bret Ferris started Dobi's Teriyaki after suffering for ten plus years from what he describes as "yaki withdrawals." Ferris moved out to Missoula to attend the University of Montana in 2002 and quickly discovered the food he had lived on for so many years did not exist east of the Cascades. That meant if he wanted to eat teriyaki, he'd have to learn how to make his own.

Twelve years later and after testing numerous marinade and sauce recipes, Ferris finally perfected his craft and decided it was time to chase some dreams. In 2014, with the help of a good friend, the first Dobi's Teriyaki bus was built and quickly began to form a loyal following around town. Now a few years and an upgraded truck later, Dobi's is one of the top food trucks in Missoula and takes pride in serving the best teriyaki in town!